About Tom

Tom is a retired engineer in the NonStop Division of Hewlett Packard. He also climbs mountains (Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2004 and Mt. Fuji in 2019) rides bikes and reads science fiction.  He is in his 31st year of studying T’ai Chi and has taught for the last 29 years. 

The teachers that Tom studies with trace the lineage of this style back to Chen Pan-Ling out of Nanking China. He has also studied Ba Gua under Chang-I-Chang for several years. Tom is qualified to teach the Single Person Form, the Two Person form and a T’ai Chi walking stick form as well as Chi Kung.

I have found that when I lived in the high tech world of Silicon Valley, I needed something for balance to relieve stress and add art to my life. T’ai Chi Ch’uan was perfect. It remains a wonderful practice in retirement.